Professional Services


SI SOLUTIONS  offers a broad array of professional service options to assist our diverse customer base. We focus on customer retention and our customers’ long-term satisfaction as key measures of the quality of these services, while delivering the expertise necessary to customize, integrate and implement our communication solutions.

Training Services

Provide the educational tools, programs, and related services needed for the structured and effective training of Avaya, Vmware, Microsoft Sharepoint Solution. This training increases the usability of solution, promotes business objectives, and improves customer performance


Software Development

We provide full range of offshore software development services, from custom programming services to mobile application development. You can hire our specialists to extend your team remotely or order full cycle software development process.

System Integration

With hands-on experience in integrating our industry-leading products with virtually all leading CRMs , Database, Collaboration System, Legacy System  , our skilled professionals can help you reach new levels of business productivity.


Maintenance and Support

Our Support services range from 24/7 support, to phone and Web-based support. Our on-site support personnel deliver around-the-clock technical assistance to help you realize the full potential of each SI Solutions’ product and solution. Our dedicated on-site experts provide technical and configuration tips, initiate preventive maintenance measures, execute backups, change device definitions, and more