Enterprise Communications Solutions

The Avaya Communication Architecture is a framework that enables evolution to intelligent communications. The framework supports functionality from multi-modal (voice, video, and data) access to an infrastructure providing a full range of communications. The Avaya Communication Architecture is built around the concepts of communications applications and communication services—embedded into the fabric of business. Avaya communications applications can be integrated into enterprise operations and processes. Avaya communication services provide a finer granularity as an application building block that can be coupled with business applications and process flows. When combined together they deliver on the promise of Intelligent Communications.

By adopting this framework and deploying its communications resources in creative new ways, Customer can achieve an application and network infrastructure flexible enough to adapt to the dynamic needs of your businesses. At the same time, you can make the most of existing communications and information assets.


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Communication Manager is designed as an open, scalable, and highly reliable telephony solution, it effectively scales from under 100 users to as many as 36,000 on a single system and to more than one million users on a single network. The biggest story in the release is the reduction in the total cost of ownership, realized in several areas of the network architecture, designed particularly for customers considering a Flatten/Consolidate/Extend project to reduce cost and simplify management. Improvements were also made to the SIP-based solution by increasing trunk and endpoint capacities and introducing Session Manager. Customer as with every release, serviceability, reliability, and robustness enhancements were made to ensure Avaya’s solutions are as adaptable as possible to changing network conditions, and to hold service disruptions to an absolute minimum

Avaya Aura allows users to take advantage of the widest possible array of end user devices — whatever meets their needs most effectively depending on whether they are in office, on the road, at home or another location. This includes deskphones, wireless phones, on-screen softphones, home phones with VPN, conference phones, headsets and more — designed to exploit all the communications and collaboration capabilities that Avaya Aura delivers.
Avaya one-X® deskphones feature a sleek design, rich user ergonomics, flexibility, and broadband voice quality with models designed for specific user profiles. Avaya has maximized the modularity of these phones by incorporating USB and plug-in modules for Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth and WiFi. User interfaces feature crisp color or grayscale screens, context sensitive displays and a WML web browser to simplify access to applications.

Avaya Contact Center Solution is a comprehensive multi-channel communications suite . Avaya Contact Center provides businesses the ability to integrate voice, e-mail, fax and SMS communication channels into a single contact center solution and manage the entire customer interaction lifecycle. By linking multiple sites together into one cohesive contact center, Avaya Contact Center Solution can enable businesses to provide superior customer service, and at the same time increase productivity and, ultimately, profitability[/p]